About us

Welcome to Danny S. Gomes (Undertaker and Sculptor) situated in the middle of Mumbai city. We are providing Ambulance & Mobile Morgue on hire as well as we are also dealing in Funeral Furnishing Coffin, Tombstone (Marble & Granite Engraving), Band And Tape Music, Hearse For Funeral Exhumation, Lowering Machine, Embalming, Cremation & Body Dispatched and Wooden Cross towards our Christian community. A after death rites in our Christian community have been completed in a very systemic way according our holly book and procedures. Here, we are known as top notched agency that take care and fulfill the every aspect of death ceremony in our Christian community.

We are very old and famous in our domain among our community people. So whenever there is any kind of requirements generates people like to call us on first priority. We provide our services at very nominal rates and try our level best to complete the whole rites in a very professional way. In such situations when families are always in sorrows we are present our self there as the best man to help them in mood of humanity.

The company is run by Mr. Danny S. Gomes, a gentleman performing his task with full efficiency and trying hard to serve his community with true values.

Services: Dead Body Dispatch in Mumbai | Ambulance service in Mumbai

Our specialties:

  • Low cost
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Proper follow-up at every stage of rites
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Danny S Gomes