Funeral Furnishing Coffin

We are providing and supplying a verity of coffins, caskets and ashes caskets build with good wooden material and nice looking interiors available at very good price. Funeral coffin is the product without it nothing can take place after death of any person in Christian community. These coffins are made in different shapes and sizes.

Services: Ambulance and mobile morgue on hire Vikhroli

funeral furnishing coffin

Tombstone (Marble & Granite Engraving)

We are providing and supplying a verity of Tombstone made of marble or granite according to choice of the client. The Tombstone contains details of dead person marked in front side so that anyone can recognize the place where the body of particular person has been buried. We are providing these Tombstones at very nominal cost.


Band And Tape Music

Band and Tape Music is one of the most important part during the funeral. A specific kind of tune and music has been performed by a group of band team at time of final rites of dead body at various laces. We are providing this Band and Tape Music service to our clients at very low and affordable cost.

Funeral Band and Tape Music

Hearse For Funeral Exhumation

We, Danny S Gomes are giving Hearse for Funeral Exhumation on rental basis. The service are offered at low charges.

Lowering Machine

We, Danny S Gomes, provide Lowering Machines  on rental basis that helps to put down the coffin easily. 

Coffin Lowering Machine


We, Danny S Gomes, helps to complete Embalming in proper and accurate way.


Cremation & Body Dispatched

We, Danny S Gomes also does Cremation and Body dispatched at time of funeral.

cremation & body dispatched

Wooden Cross

We, Danny S Gomes also provides Wooden Cross at time of funeral. 

Wooden Cross